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Full Service Appliance Repair services in Lincoln,Nebraska

When you need experienced appliance repair services in Lincoln,Nebraska , you can trust the factory certified appliance technicians with A1 Appliance. We have over 13 years experience in repairing and diagnosing problems in residential and commercial kitchen appliances, TV's and washer/dryer units.
Appliances found at home - Residential Appliances in Lincoln, NE

Residential Appliance Repair

Appliances always seem to break down at pivotal times. The oven right breaks down right before dinner. The dishwasher conks out after dinner. And the washer /dryer unit goes on the fritz on the weekends. It's surely a nuisance to break down in the middle of life. Never fear! There aren't many machines in your home our technicians aren't certified to fix.

Commercial Appliance repair

Without your commercial refrigerator and stove, your business can take a big hit, one through customer service and the second through the loss of food and time. NAME helps to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. We offer biannual and quarterly full service maintenance appointments.