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Washer and Dryer Repair services in Lincoln,Nebraska

The rapid change in technology continues to surpass current energy standards. Today's washers and dryers are well-equipped with better parts and features that improve functionality and the longevity of the machines and your garments. When these machines do break, it takes an experienced and continually-trained professional to diagnose the issues. You can trust A1 Appliance to diagnose and repair your top loading and high efficiency washer and dryers with precision.

Factory Trained on the Best Brands

We continue to build on our reputation for quality work at honest prices with every client we help. We don't leave until the job is done right, and with factory-authorized parts. Our friendly and knowledgeable technicians will always educate you on the current state of your machine and how to extend its life.

Common Washer and Dryer Issues

We often take our washers and dryers for granted, and don't realize the impact on our lives until they stop working. Going to a busy laundromat is no fun. So if you happen to have these issues before they break down, save yourself the inconvenience and call A1 Appliance first.
Standard White Dryer - Dryer Service in Lincoln, NE
  • Noise
  • No tumbling
  • Water temperature in washers
  • Drying temperature in dryers
  • Shutting off
  • Staying on